Pollution Prevention and Recycling/Source Reduction Information (DEEP)

Pollution prevention and recycling/ source reduction programs from the DEEP.

What's the value to me?

If you are looking for help with pollution prevention and recycling/ source reduction.

Description & Overview

The DEEP focuses on preventing or minimizing pollution, rather than controlling it once it is generated.


Pollution prevention:

  • On-site Business Pollution Prevention (P2) assistance provided primarily through a partnership with the Connecticut State Technology Extension Program, CONNSTEP. Non-regulatory pollution prevention walkthroughs are also available.
  • Case Studies on Connecticut companies explain existing successful pollution prevention programs and provide contacts at Connecticut companies.
  • Sector fact sheets provide technical information on implementing pollution prevention for many sectors including: auto repair, metal finishers, dry cleaners, consumers, vo-tech auto repair facilities, printers and lithographers.
  • Energy Star: The P2 Office serves as the liaison with CT business for this national program. Energy Star encourages pollution and efficient use of energy by companies through partnership.
  • Northeast Regional Technology Collaborative: Programs that originate in the federal Department of Energy's Office of Industrial Technology are presented through the P2 Office and include motor master, improving steam efficiency and funding pollution prevention projects.
  • Community Assistance: The P2 Office is working with four neighborhood organizations in Hartford to provide information on environmental issues and concerns with the goal of empowering the public to be able to effect change in their communities. The project also includes training for business and institutions on pollution prevention.
  • Pollution Prevention Presentations are available for a wide range of audiences including schools, civic organizations, and businesses.

Recycling/source reduction:

  • Provides technical assistance and promotional materials for municipal and business recycling
  • Promotes recycling and source reduction through education and program development
  • Encourages recovered material market development and can provide information regarding the types and amounts of recyclable materials processed and marketed by CT recycling facilities
  • Provides technical assistance on composting of source separated organics.


Most services available to all businesses; some services limited to small or medium-sized businesses. Some grant programs require matching funds from business.


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