NESIT Hackerspace

Hackerspace in Meriden with several events per week

Description & Overview

NESIT was founded in early 2010 by a group five friends who were looking to build out a physical workspace where they could create things (like a linux wet bar), experiment with HAM radio & network equipment, share and build knowledge in information security, participate in community charitable work and have a fun place to hang out.
Currently they have 17 members, hundreds of supporters and a massive workshop. They run activities of some type at least three days per week, and have seen steady growth in membership since day one.


  • Provide members a place to explore technical and creative projects.
  • Host frequent, high quality and technical public workshops
  • Teach computer basics to the general public via free computer clinics
  • Build a community of makers and hackers that thrive on sharing their knowledge.
  • Many other services are available if a membership is purchased for $50/month


Some good times to stop by are:

  • Wed/Thurs are open project nights from 7-10PM (and you’re encouraged to bring one, or participate with others)
  • The last Saturday of the month they run an open house from 10AM to 5PM


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Business Model Discovery / Validation

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