Energy Conscious Blueprint

CL&P works with business developers to develop the most energy conscious blueprints.

What's the value to me?

If you are looking for energy-efficient building plans.

Description & Overview

Energy-efficiency measures are most effective when factored into the earliest phase of development - before the blueprint. The best time to be energy conscious is before the building goes up, the addition is added, or the equipment is ordered. CL&P works with business developers to develop the most energy conscious blueprints.


  • CL&P energy experts will work with you and your design team (architects, engineers and contractors) to brainstorm and identify energy-saving strategies and equipment for your consideration. You maintain complete control over your project.
  • The program uses an incentive strategy. When there is a choice between standard-efficiency equipment and building components, or a high-efficiency option that exceeds minimum building code requirements, the option is evaluated and a financial incentive is proposed to offset the higher costs typically associated with premium-efficiency design.
  • The Energy Conscious Blueprint program administrators will provide the general and technical support necessary, as determined by the size and complexity of the project, to prepare an up-front, contractual commitment to be signed prior to ordering and installing your equipment. The Letter of Agreement will detail all the energy-efficiency measures, the estimated energy savings, and the anticipated incentive dollar amount. Once the project is completed, the measures are verified and your organization receives the incentive payment.


  • Commercial, industrial or municipal customers of any size engaged in new construction, major renovations, tenant fit-outs, new equipment purchases or the replacement of existing equipment near the end of its useful lifetime.
  • CL&P customers on a commercial or industrial rate can participate in electric energy-efficiency measures.
  • Customers of Yankee Gas, CNG or SCG on a firm commercial or industrial rate can participate in natural gas energy-saving measures.





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