Connecticut Growth Network

Discussion and action forum of statewide leaders, consisting of small peer-led, local networking groups or cells.

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If you are looking for a discussion and action forum for Connecticut's technology industries.

Description & Overview

The Connecticut Growth Network is a discussion and action forum of statewide leaders, consisting of small peer-led, local networking groups or cells.

The Connecticut Growth Network was established by the Connecticut Technology Council in 2004. Each local cell is comprised of technology executives, entrepreneurs, investors and professional service providers with an interest in discussing the issues affecting Connecticut’s technology future. Local cells also introduce groups of tech leaders for the purpose of possible business collaboration, development and assistance.


The Growth Network connects companies, entrepreneurs, investors or dealmakers and creates an involved community of concerned leaders in the technology industry.

Once a month, Local Cell Leaders convene five to fifteen friends or colleagues to discuss a specific issue -- an important issue facing their companies, communities, or the State.

Local cells may be organized by vertical industry, profession, target market, special interest, or simply geography.

There are four key goals for the Connecticut Growth Network:

  1. To stimulate direct collaboration and innovation between participants,
  2. To knit together the diverse geography of the State's industries and intellectual centers,
  3. To advance a competitive economic agenda for the State,
  4. To secure major investments in the culture of innovation
The Connecticut Technology Council currently has three established networking discussion groups or cells who meet monthly. The groups meet in Stamford, at the University of Hartford and in Tolland.


Contact the cell leaders if you want to present your company or serve as a speaker


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