Cleantech Open

Highly effective cleantech accelerator that operates nationally and has a very strong New England regional branch.

What's the value to me?

If you are looking for a clean-tech accelerator

Description & Overview

CTO is a highly effective cleantech accelerator that operates nationally and has a very strong New England regional branch. The organization manages to attract some of the industry’s best talent including entrepreneurs, experienced industry experts/ mentors, and funders.


  • Have a chance to compete for prizes valued from $10,000* Regionally to $200,000* Nationally
  • Participate at the National West Coast and/or East Coast Academies – two and three-day intensive workshops that focus on the best practices of clean technology entrepreneurship, refining your business model, product validation, sales & marketing, intellectual property, perfect pitch, how to access capital, and much more
  • Engage subject matter experts in a 9 week series of Cleantech Open Training Webinars
  • Gain access to our Mentor, Investor and Sustainability Programs
  • Take advantage of showcasing opportunities at regional and national events
  • Get passes to all regional and most national events for you and your team members
  • Get discounts to books and resources, such as the new book from Steve Blank & Bob Dorf “The Startup Owner’s Manual”
  • Receive an exclusive Software Offer from the Cleantech Open and Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program (up to $10,000 value)


Your Cleantech Idea

  • All applications must fit one of the Accelerator’s eight clean technology category definitions.
  • All applications must be made by a startup with less than USD 1,000,000 (one million United States dollars) from private third party funding (from equity investors such as angel investors and venture capital firms) at the time of paying the application fee.
  • All applications must be made by a startup with less than USD 5,000,000 (five million United States dollars) from all other sources of funding (grants, family and friends, and your own pocket) at the time of paying the application fee; this limit is separate from the limit on private third party funding.
  • For clarity, these limits apply up to the moment you pay your application fee, as long as you participate within six months of applying. We are keen to see you succeed, and keen to help you raise capital; there is no limit to the amount of funding you can raise after your application fee has been paid.

Your Team or Company

  • Two person team, minimum
  • At least one team member must be a United States resident, citizen, or legal alien (e.g. F1, H1 visas).
  • You may form a brand new team in order to apply to the United States accelerator, and you do not need to have a registered company in order to apply. However, a US legal entity (corporation, LLC, or similar) must be created prior to receiving any prizes (we can’t write checks to individuals), and any such legal entity must have an ownership structure typical of an independent startup. All prizes are issued in the form of a seed investment (convertible note).
  • You must have a physical address in the United States, and your team or company must have activities, such as sales, marketing, research and development, or administration, based in the United States. (You should apply to the Global Ideas Competition if your organization is non-US).
  • You must apply within the United States region where the majority of your team works or is resident. If your team is equally distributed among two or more regions, you may select a region from among those where members of your team work or reside.

Your Relationship with the Cleantech Open

  • You MAY NOT apply if you are an accelerator volunteer, judge, category expert, mentor, chair, regional director, accelerator adviser, or if you are in any other way involved with the organization or operation of the accelerator. Immediate family members of the aforementioned people are also ineligible.
  • You MAY apply if you are affiliated with the accelerator’s sponsors and/or partners, as long as you or a family member are not directly involved in the operation of the Cleantech Open, as above.
  • If you are accepted as an entrepreneur or team participating in the Cleantech Open accelerator (a semifinalist or finalist), individuals involved in the running of the Cleantech Open may advise or mentor you, within the rules of the accelerator, but such individuals may not take a direct interest in your company (such as an equity stake or a paid position) and may not participate as team members until after the Global Forum in the year of your participation.


  • You, or at least one team member, will participate in meetings, calls, and events that are part of the program. If you make it to the semifinals, you will send one team member to participate in the four required events listed here.


  • You must pay the application fee by the application deadline.
  • If you become a Participant, you must pay additional fees in order to participate.


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Business Model Discovery / Validation

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