City of Meriden Economic Development Office

Economic Development Office for the City of Meriden, CT

What's the value to me?

If you are in the City of Meriden and looking for tax breaks and loans.

Description & Overview

The City of Meriden Economic Development Office has financial incentive programs designed to help business start or relocate to Meriden.


Meriden Enterprise Zone: State offers tax breaks to manufacturers, warehousing and distribution companies and certain service businesses that locate to or expand in Meriden's Enterprise Zone.

Meriden Information Technology Zone: Information technology companies that locate into new or rehabilitated buildings in our Information Technology Zone may qualify for breaks in real and personal property taxes.

  • The property owner must do at least $25,000 in property improvements.

Manufacturing Assistance Program: Assist Meriden businesses to grow and add jobs in circumstances where access to capital is restricted.The amount of financing is limited to $500,000 per transaction in form of a loan.

  • No business may receive such assistance more than once in every five year period.
  • Eligible projects are the purchase of a manufacturing facility, the construction of a manufacturing facility, or the substantial renovation or expansion of a manufacturing facility.
  • The manufacturing facility must consist of a plant, building or other real property, improvement or part thereon.


  • The land and buildings within the boundaries of the project area will be used principally for manufacturing or other economic base business purposes or business support services;
  • The plan is in accordance with the plan of development for the municipality
  • The project will contribute to the economic welfare of the municipality and that to carry out and administer the project, public action is required.


142 East Main Street
Meriden, CT 06450

Juliet Burdelski



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